Welcome to the crowdfunding platform of PS|theater, Leiden's city theatre company. Our first crowdfunding campaign will start here soon!

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Help PS|theater create a unique, life-size game in which the course of life of Leideners is put on the map!   In September 2021, city theater company PS|theater will present the life-size theatrical game WIJ ZIJN DE STAD (We are the city) on the Lammermarkt in Leiden. In this game, you put your course of life and that of other Leideners on the map in a playful way. We really need your help to create this. Because the pawns have been made, the cards have been shuffled, but we are missing the large playing field. Will you join us?   What is WIJ ZIJN DE STAD? In the life-size theatrical game WE ARE THE CITY, PS|theater sets out to explore the life of the citizen of Leiden in the broadest sense of the word. From residents of the working-class neighbourhood De Kooi to the employees at the Bio Science Park and from the people in the flats in Slaaghwijk to the members of the Minerva student association. What opportunities do they get and what are the obstacles in their way? Which life-defining moments shaped them? What are the differences and what are the similarities? Is there such a thing as equal opportunities? You will investigate this in a life-size game that will be rolled out on the Leidse Lammermarkt in September. Get to know stories that you would otherwise never hear and find out for yourself what opportunities you have been given. With WIJ ZIJN DE STAD, PS|theater maps out the opportunities for equality in the city.   Join us! You can help build WIJ ZIJN DE STAD. We need your contribution to produce this city game. With your help we will design a beautiful playing field, spectacular pawns and exciting playing cards. And more importantly: with your contribution we ensure that as many residents of Leiden as possible can play this game. For this purpose, in addition to a life-size version of the game, we also design a kitchen table version that can be played at home, and that PS|theater wants to offer to schools, community centers and nursing homes. In short: we need your help to make this unique city game! Will you help us to get all of Leiden playing?   About PS|theater PS|theater is Leiden's city company that, under the artistic direction of Pepijn Smit, makes theater productions about how we currently live together in the city. We play performances at unique places in the city: from the Pieterskerk to De Kooi and from Groenesteeg Cemetery to Park Matillo. Our performances introduce you to stories about the city and about fellow townspeople that you have never heard before. The city is therefore our research area, work area, stage and partner.
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27-06-2021 | 23:19 To: Be a pawn in our life course game!